VirtekVirtek LaserQC is the first fully automatic and self-calibrated laser-inspection system of its kind. 


Manual inspection and recording of the dimensions of 2D products is a time-consuming process and one in which is it all too easy to make mistakes. LaserQC enables quality control for 2D product layouts and quick first part inspection of products. It increases the throughput in precision sheet metal substantially.

Virtek LaserQCIdentify quality issues quickly. 

Virtek® LaserQC® verifies system calibration before each scan to ensure repeatable accuracy. By pinpointing errors immediately on the shop floor, you reduce scrap and rework and increase profitability.

Achieve optimal accuracy. 

Accurate to within 0.05mm (0.002 inches), the Virtek LaserQC captures more than 500 data points per second. And it can issue quality control reports to build customer confidence.

Use with ease. 

Designed for easy set up so it can be operational in only a few hours. The intuitive user interface allows new operators to quickly become fully proficient and importantly, productive.

Tried and Tested Performance

Industry leaders in precision sheet metal work agree that LaserQC is a proven performeron the shop floor. Used by more than 900 companies worldwide, the LaserQC is utilized in applications ranging from aerospace and high-tech to carpentry and heavy equipment manufacturing.

Fast and Easy

LaserQC is easy to set up, hence your system is up and running in less than a day. The intuitive user interface allows new operators to become fully proficient within just a few hours.

Graphic Description of Accuracy virtek1 LaserQCs Quick Inspect Format colourcodes the varying tolerances to highlight any off-spec variances.
Eliminate QC Bottlenecks virtek2 Save time by generating a detailed Inspection Check Sheet in seconds and meet customer and your own internal quality requirements.
Analysis of Production Processes virtek3 LaserQC generates detailed colour inspection reports to your exact specifications. 


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